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This episode is one hell of a funny and cute buildup for things to come. There are no fight scenes here, and everything was spent on pure character interactions and setting up the final half of the story. Some might find this boring, especially after the previous episode followed by that two-week long year end break. But personally, I thoroughly enjoyed this one simply because of what will happen in the upcoming episodes.

The highlights here are definitely Ishtar’s interactions with Fujimaru. She is even funnier in this episode, almost to the point that I wondered for a second if I was really watching FGO or Carnival Phantasm. I really loved the gate scene, and I wished they have shown the entire sequence all the way to the seventh.

For the first time since the Enkidu fight, Gilgamesh gets his much needed screentime again. And though quite short, it is still satisfying to see the King of Heroes again.

Overall, this is an 8/10.

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