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It’s a full war!

Episode 7 is an action-packed episode as Seven Knights Revolution enters its second half. With the rising threat of the Physis, Granseed Academy has finally mobilized its entire army to lay siege on the evil organization’s headquarters in Burgot Volcana, which is, coincidentally, near Nemo’s former hometown.

The attack initially turns out to be in favor of Granseed. But as expected in this kind of story, nothing ever goes perfectly for the heroes. As it turns out, Physis employs its own version of Successors, but a darker and evil counterpart to the Seven Knights. And they are more powerful warriors, capable of injuring even seasoned Knights like Faria and Shirley.

What truly sets these dark Successors apart from their heroic counterparts are their own twisted personalities and their lack of teamwork—a weakness that Nemo exploits to at least gain an advantage. However, Physis’s leader, Amis Germain, would not be deterred, and our heroes find themselves going against powered-up evil Successors.

One interesting thing to note here is that, despite the danger, Nemo is still determined to save everyone, including their enemies. While this may be your typical naïve ideal, Nemo has often proved himself capable of such a seemingly impossible feat, with the sole exception of Mina’s death. However, whether or not he could really succeed depends on a lot of factors. And judging by how the story is going right now, he may not have the chance to keep his principle.

Meanwhile, Gareth has excluded himself from the fight. Instead, he continues what Claire has started and left unfinished, investigating the mystery behind the old library and its destruction. And by the end of the episode, it seems he has stumbled on a secret that would affect and change everything.

Overall, things are finally heating up. Episode 7 gives us a good fight scene and some mystery, while laying the groundwork for more twists and revelations, particularly the identity of Nemo’s hero.

Episode score: 7.5/10.

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