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Another heroic feat, another new skill!

Episode 5 brings a satisfying conclusion to the battle with the Moss Huge. And as expected, Bell defeats yet another strong monster in an epic showdown!


Surrounded and outnumbered, Bell’s party had to take drastic measures in order to survive. While they are indeed a formidable group, the Moss Huge is a different monster entirely, capable of higher intelligence. And it is not even a Xenos!

Thus, Haruhime finally unleashes her new magic: Kokonoe. The interesting part about this spell is that she had learned it by reading a grimoire—very much like how Bell acquired Firebolt.

Ever since her introduction, Haruhime has been more or less a Supporter, with even less role than Lili. Though her level boosting magic is indeed a powerful spell, as Aisha had said, it is the only magic she has, and it can only apply to one person. For an expedition into the deep floors of the Dungeon, such a skill is useful, but the caster would become a mere liability after that point.

And Kokonoe changed all that. True, Haruhime is still pretty much useless after casting her magic. But it still increased her utility and the survival rate of the party by bestowing the level boost into five different Adventurers.

Lili’s Decision

Thanks to Haruhime’s Kokonoe, the party got an edge again. And it is really fun to watch their frontliners plowing through the monsters with ease.

Unfortunately, this is actually what the Moss Huge wanted, displaying yet another cunning plan that is abnormal for a monster: eating the magic stones of the defeated monsters. Worse, the dropped crystals were too many that the Moss Huge got its own boost—strong enough to finally infect Aisha and almost incapacitating her despite being Level 5.

The saddest part about this entire situation is how Luvis and Dormul’s party are ready to sacrifice themselves just to give Hestia Familia a chance to escape to the surface and warn off the other Adventurers. This parallels the scene in season one, when Bell orders Lili to escape while he fights the Minotaur. But unlike that, there is no Loki familia to help, and certainly there is no Bell to save the day

The fact that Lili briefly considers leaving the elven and dwarven parties speak volumes of the dire situation they are in. And maybe if it was any other Adventurer, she might have done just that. After all, Lili is a pragmatic person, always considering what’s best for her familia. And as Daphne had said before, Lili is the strategist; she is expected to make the hardest decisions.

But the thing is, Lili’s time with Bell has changed her, even influenced her. And just like how Bell didn’t leave her during her lowest moments, Lili decided to keep fighting and save everyone.

Fortunately, the party didn’t have to wait long for their hero to arrive.

Argo Vesta

Bell’s entrance is truly epic, arriving at the nick of time to save his friends. And even this is not a surprising twist, given how this is the story of a hero, the scene itself is still goosebump-worthy.

At this point, it is already expected that the Little Rookie will be the one to take down the Moss Huge. This is his fight, after all, and his Firebolt, enhanced by the Argonaut skill, is the only effective way of harming it.

Unfortunately, the Moss Huge still has a few tricks up its figurative sleeves; it has stolen Undine cloaks and used them to make itself resistant to fire, rendering Firebolt less effective. However, this is Bell we are talking about—the hero who went toe to toe with a Minotaur Xenos who managed to injure Ais.

Thus, the final battle between a Level 4 Adventurer and an enhanced monster commences, and it is obvious from the get-go that it is a one-sided fight. Bell is dominating here, and one thing that makes this even more interesting is the fact that all throughout his previous battles, the Little Rookie was not even using his full potential.

Bell has been ranking up so quickly that his mind couldn’t initially keep up with the changes in his body, especially his speed and reflexes. Unlike veteran Adventurers like Ais and Aisha, who have had months and years to get accustomed to their new levels, Bell went up 4 levels in less than three months.

But his brief time in the deeper levels of the Dungeon had allowed him to test his limits, and the result is a warrior much stronger than most Level 4s. His speed is enough that the Moss Huge couldn’t even touch him, leading to an epic showdown very reminiscent of his fight with the Minotaur in the first season, and one that made the aberrant monster attempt to escape.

And yet for all of Bell’s speed, the Moss Huge is still a formidable enemy; simple hit and run tactics would not defeat it. He had to be inventive.

Thus, Argo Vesta is born—a new skill so powerful that it didn’t even leave any trace of the Moss Huge behind. And for the first time, Bell won a difficult fight without serious injuries.


Episode 5 gives us the fight that we dearly missed since the first season. This is Danmachi in its finest, and though we knew Bell would prevail, there is plenty to keep audiences at the edge of their seats. Bell’s growth has been astounding, but this is really the moment where all the challenges he and his party had faced has finally paid off. Now, the Little has another heroic feat to be proud of!

Episode score: 9/10

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