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Bell has a new harem memb—er, new friend!

Episode 4 continues the thrill and rush of this season’s suspenseful arc, though with a dash of comedy and romance thrown in as well. After all, this is still about Bell picking up girls in a dungeon!

Marie, The Mermaid Xenos

Picking up where the previous episode left off, we are immediately introduced to Marie, a cute, sweet, and friendly mermaid Xenos. And right off the bat, Bell starts to act like a boy in puberty!

It is really fun to watch the Little Rookie getting flustered by a girl, and a Xenos at that. This is nothing new, of course; Bell’s initial interactions with Haruhime is nearly similar, and there’s no denying that it is much the same with Ais. However, this might be the first time that we see him being embarrassed for every five seconds.

Which is understandable. Marie is not just sweet, but also alluring in that typical mermaid way. Not only that, but she is also smart and considerate, solving Bell’s problem of constantly looking at her chest quickly enough.

However, Marie is not just another girl that becomes infatuated with Bell; her ability to heal wounds is special in itself, even though the methods to which she administer it is highly inappropriate. Regardless, Maria is a kind and helpful Xenos, willing to brave the dangers of the dungeon just to help Bell get back to his friends.

No Escape, No Retreat

While Bell is off picking up yet another girl, the rest of his party find themselves in a terrifyingly worse situation than before. Monsters hound them every second, and the constant encounters are starting to take its toll on their supplies.

It is interesting to note that even though their leader is missing, the team still functions at its peak, which is shocking considering the injured people they also have to escort to safety—a fact that even Aisha admitted. While she is the only Level 4 in the group, the rest of the team is no slouch either.

Part of their greatest assets is none other than Welf himself, especially his magic swords. Despite the horde of monsters assaulting them, the powerful items proved highly useful, allowing them to survive against all odds. And he is not the only one trying his best; Mikoto’s bravery and skills are equally admirable, while Lili’s strategic thinking keeps them pushing forward.

Unfortunately, the Moss Huge is one cunning monster, and it proves how intelligent it is by causing a Pass Parade, something that not even the Xenos had done. Fortunately, Bell’s team has a secret weapon.



Episode 4 keeps up with the tension-filled and action-packed moments from the first three episodes. And while there are a few bits of fanservice here and there, and it shouldn’t take away the enjoyment of watching the episode.

Episode score: 8/10

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