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Bell has a new alias!

Episode 6 is a breather episode after the previous one ended with a bang. This is mostly a fun and lighthearted, focusing on character interactions with a bit of a recap thrown in. And Lili gets to shine again!

The Hero’s New Name

His victory against the Moss Huge is no small feat; thus, it is no surprise that Bell would get a new nickname from the Gods.

The Denatus, as always, is a wacky and chaotic event. Gods kept making fun of their children for their amusement, and it is really hilarious to see them throwing out random names that are a bit too literal or obvious. Freya, for one, literally wanted to give Bell Vanadis Odr—which translates to “Freya’s Husband”, declaring just how much she is obsessed with him.

An interesting thing to note is how Bell has become a favorite of everyone, even if many simply saw him as just another form of entertainment. After all, his growth is unparalleled, and Gods have a natural eye for detecting something they find interesting.

And it is not just Bell; Welf finally got his own alias, Ignis. A fitting name for a blacksmith. However, what they gave Bell showed how much he has grown in just a few months, giving tribute to his speed and reflexes.

Rabbit Foot.

The Stalker

The bulk of this episode is a hilarious collection of scenes involving Bell and his friends… and a stalking Lili! As the expedition leader, it is only natural that Bell would see to the concerns of his team mates, particularly those who have been injured. And of course, celebrating the victory they have all achieved.

The funny part about this is Lili’s own desire to spend time with Bell and tell him all the things that he, unfortunately, had already heard from talking with the others. Just the two of them together. The scenes are comedic in nature, and Lili’s frustration at everyone is really apparent here; after all, she was supposed to be telling all of these to her master.

But thankfully, they finally got that alone time together, and we got a sweet scene between Master and Supporter.


Overall, episode 6 is a laidback and lighthearted episode—a balm to the high octane action of the previous one, and the prelude to a tragic arc as Ryu finally makes an appearance in a shocking and brutal scene.

Episode score: 7.5/10

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