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It’s the party’s deadliest fight yet!

Episode 3 ramps up the action by several notches, and every moment is a fight for survival. By far, this is the most tension-filled episode in the season!

The Moss Huge

Our mystery monster finally has a name: the Moss Huge! But while it may sound a generic name, its abilities are far from generic. For one, it is highly intelligent to take down a four-party Level 3 Elven Adventurers. And worse, it seems to have developed a taste for magic stones, much like how the Xenos eat the crystals to boost their power.

The interesting thing, and a bit weird, about the whole situation is how it is a species known by Adventurers like Bell, which slightly contradicts his earlier confusion and shock.  Then again, maybe a Moss Huge is not exactly that strong—especially since it’s vulnerable to fire—making this particular monster an abnormal species.

The Hunt Begins

With Chigusa incapacitated, it is only natural that Bell’s party would prioritize her safety here, as well as that of the elf Luvis. Indeed, none of their healers are skilled enough to remove the parasitic seeds, prompting a hasty meeting about their remaining options.

Bell has been forthcoming and honest at this point—he is not a strategist but a warrior, and the discussion spotlights Lili as the one making the plans, befitting her role as a supporter. Coincidentally, Finn of Loki familia fulfills this kind of role as well, giving credence to the fact that some Prums are natural-born strategists.

The plan is pretty straightforward and obvious: kill the Moss Huge. But it is easier said than done, as the party eventually learns. For the monster is capable of setting traps and baits, and even knows when a skill is being used, leading to a tense battle that sees our Little Rookie taking an untimely dip into the Great Falls.

A Bold Plan

It is really fortunate that even without Bell, the party could function on its own. Aisha and  Lili take a dual leadership role, which is only expected considering that Aisha once led Ishtar Familia.

Lili’s plans keep getting bolder and bolder, even though she is suffering from guilt. The idea to trap the Moss Huge is probably her most daring strategy yet, and one that might just backfire on them. Nevertheless, it is obvious that the Prum’s conviction is resolute—something mirrored by everyone else.

Faster, Stronger

Meanwhile, things are not looking good for Bell. While he has survived his great fall(pun intended), danger lurks at every corner of the dungeon. And as luck would have it, he encounters a swarm of the very monster that Eina has warned him about: the Iguazu.

While the monster may look similar to a humming bird, don’t let the image fool you. The monsters are every bit as dangerous as the Moss Huge, forcing Bell to remain on the defense. And at first, it would seem that he would be overwhelmed by their sheer numbers.

But this is Bell we’re talking about, and once again he surpassed himself, pushing the limits of his newfound status. To be able to destroy the swarm all on his own emphasizes the growth he has acquired through countless battles, and the ferocity with which he fights is something that only top-tier Adventurers can do.

In the end, no one saved Bell but himself. And he even got the attention of a cute Xenos mermaid!


Episode 3 has surpassed the previous episodes in an epic way, even though the fourth season has barely started. So far, the plot is progressing nicely, and there are enough action to keep watchers at the edge of their seats. However, this is not yet the most exciting part, and we should expect more awesome scenes as the series continues.

Episode score: 9/10

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