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The title says it all!

Episode 2 brings us the most exciting and action-packed episode of the season so far—and there is not even a major battle yet! From start to finish, the episode feels like an adventure story on its own, with so many suspenseful moments that would keep audiences at the edge of their seats.

Onwards Into The Deep

The party has finally reached the 25th floor, and right from the get-go, it’s obvious that this will be a very different experience than what they had in the upper floors. For one, the terrain is mainly aquatic, with the Great Falls acting as a landmark.

It is interesting to note that Bell’s group has already achieved the basic requirements by the guild upon setting foot on the floor, and all they have to do is acquire numerous materials, akin to a real quest in a real video game. Even the amount of items is very much what is often encountered in most RPG games, of which Danmachi heavily takes inspirations from.

A Brief Respite

With the basic requirements already fulfilled, it is only natural that the group would take a break, which means more character interactions for the party. There are various moments involving our dear characters in casual, and sometimes a little dramatic, conversations. But the one thing that stood out is Bell always sitting alone in a corner.

And perhaps it is only natural; after all, after the Xenos incident, Bell has never been the same. He is more quiet now, more reserved, but also wiser and calmer. And yet, the conflicting emotions of fighting monsters remain, which also served to strengthen his resolve in continuing to grow stronger.

Dangers of the Deep

The dungeon being treacherous is no secret, and we’ve already seen that in the first season. However, those events pale in comparison to the ones in the middle floors.

The latter half of the episode is one suspenseful encounter after another. With every step the party takes, monsters seem to spawn immediately, almost as if the dungeon is actively hindering their progress. For the first time, each battle feels like an actual threat that could kill any of our dearest characters.

But perhaps the most terrifying part is the appearance of a strange minotaur—an enhanced species who already almost wiped out a group of elven Adventurers. Naturally, Bell would be the one to take it on, and it is obvious from the start that even a Level 4 isn’t enough to defeat it. In fact, Bell’s speed is the only thing that saved him.

And yet that’s not the worst part, as the minotaur prove to have a secret ability: a barrage of spikes that injured Chigusa, causing vines to sprout from her shoulders and setting the stage for the start of Cassandra’s prophecy.


Overall, episode 2 is a thrilling ride from start to finish. We are finally seeing a great adventure unfold, while Bell continues to surprise us with his growth. Just how far could the Little Rookie grow this time?

Episode score: 8.5/10

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