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The Hestia Familia is back!

Danmachi’s fourth season opens a brand new chapter to Bell Cranel’s ongoing story. And right off the bat, our Little Rookie receives another boost in his power.

Bell is now Level 4!

The Hero’s Growth

It’s only been three seasons, and a few months in-universe, but Bell’s growth has been astounding: from a weak Adventurer who almost got killed in the upper floors to a fierce warrior who never backs down from the most terrifying of monsters, the grandson of Zeus has proven time and again why he deserved the skill of Argonaut. His desire to stand next to his idol, Ais Wallenstein, is simply too strong, fueling his growth in ways that no other Adventurer has ever achieved.

However, it is not only his abilities that is different. Surviving various challenges, particularly his defeat against Asterios that had caused him to rank up, Bell’s aura and demeanor has significantly changed. Gone is the shy and easily flustered boy who may or may not have had ulterior motives in trying to get stronger, and in that place is a serious and focused young man whose resolve is even stronger than before. And frankly, that is a good character development for Bell.

A New Quest

With Hestia Familia’s rising power, it is only natural that the Guild would issue a mission to test them: to go deeper into the Dungeon. This only natural, especially since Hestia had them registered as an exploration familia. However, the fact remains that they are now getting recognition thanks to Bell’s achievements.

It should be noted that of the familias shown in the story, only the Loki Familia is actually pursuing this type of mission, and succeeding often, which is why they are considered the most successful Familia. But as shown in the Sword Oratoria series, such a task require lots of time and resources, making it essentially an expedition with support familias helping.

Thankfully, Hestia Familia is not alone.


It’s no secret that Hestia has a lot of friends, even though she has debts to some of them. And for the first time, we actually get to see the other gods helping out; after all, they and their children do get a share of the falna and profits that Hestia Familia would make from the quest.

It is really refreshing to see the story returning to its roots of adventuring in the dungeon, especially with how everyone prepares for the battles ahead. Each character gets to have a moment of spotlight, particularly Lili who would act as strategist and supporter. And of course, a quest like this would need Welf’s quality weapons and armors.

The A-Team

With preparations complete, it’s time for the expedition! There are lots of familiar characters, most notably Aisha and the former members of Apollo Familia. And as always, Cassandra receives another dream that may have reveal the difficulties that the group will face. Unfortunately, like all of her premonitions, it will be ignored as the joint expedition of Hestia, Miach, and Takemikazuchi Familias finally sets out.

Jumping immediately to the action, we catch a small glimpse of how  they work together, almost as if they have been doing this for a very long time. The coordination between each member is seamless, and though the start of the lower floors are dangerous, they make it look quite easy.

And the main highlight of this scene is none other than Bell, whose stronger Firebolt showcased the power of a Level 4 Adventurer.


Overall, the fourth season is off to a great start with its pilot episode. Most of the scenes are just character interactions, setting up the story and several plot threads for the season. No time was wasted in progressing the plot forward, and we should expect another great adventure for Bell and the Hestia Familia, especially with the tease of yet another mighty foe.

Episode score: 8/10.

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