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We thought it’s all over, but it’s not! Well, somewhat.

The finale for The Rising of the Shield Hero is, oddly enough, a collection of short stories that took place during the course of the season. It feels more like an OVA, and a funny one at that, with a subtle hint of a beach episode thrown in.

Nevertheless, it does gave a glimpse, albeit partially, of the characters’ lives after the previous arc. There are various cute and funny scenes, like Filo trying to fly in her filolial form, and Yomogi is working together with Kizuna now.

Speaking of which, we also get to see what really happened to Kizuna during her time in the Infinite Labyrinth. The segment is a lot more comedic, especially the way it parodies a certain Hollywood film with the same premise of being stranded in an island, though it does downplay the emotional impact of Kizuna’s solitude.

Overall, the season finale is a fun bonus chapter, especially the way it ended full circle in Ost’s resting place. It could have been part of the actual season itself, or even a separate special episode, but regardless, it served its purpose as an epilogue to season 2.

Episode score: 7/10

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