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This is it; the finale of a trilogy that began in Invasion. This time, John must gather allies—both old and new—execute every plan he has, and use all of his knowledge to save the planet in an all-out war with his enemies.

As always, the action and worldbuilding are great, and the pacing makes me want to turn to the next page to know what’s next. However, the same flaws from the previous novels still plague this book, though to a lesser degree this time.

The twist at the end is a little cliché, but not shocking despite the lack of buildup and foreshadowing. It does, however, sets up a sequel series which will hopefully fix some loose threads that the first one purposely left.

I still didn’t like the love interest, though she has a better role here. Her character development is off the place—from a damsel in distress/minor character to an instant shift to a heroine in the end. The other characters are more interesting compared to her, especially the Guardians. John is still John, but he has improved in this book by a margin. He’s not as annoying as before, though there are a few scenes where that flaw is prevalent. But it is not something that should deter readers from this book.

Overall, Earth Guardians trilogy is a good read if you want a relatively short sci-fi adventure with solid plot and good worldbuilding.


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