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Picking up where Invasion left off, John must now face a new threat—one that he himself has unleashed. Once again, he will have to use his skills and powers to defeat them, aided only by two ancient aliens. But while engaging his new enemies, he soon finds out that not everyone is to be trusted, and some are even worse monsters than the one he is facing.

Much like the previous book, the story is pretty straightforward except for a slight twist: John has to save the world from his own mistakes. But unlike Invasion, this one goes straight to the fight, which is nice.

The drama did not sell for me. I could not feel any spark of emotion, especially sadness, among the scenes that were supposedly sad. I enjoyed the battle scenes much more, particularly in the first half.

Wilma, John’s love interest, got an expanded screen time and role here. However, I find her character rather lacking in personality. I found her scenes are quite boring, though not that much that I’ll put down the book. There are several new characters who have more personality than Wlma, including the angels. Even John himself has better characterization

But despite these flaws, the narrative and worldbuilding is excellent. I did not find them boring, and I wished more of the different planets were shown and explained further.

Overall, this is a must-read sequel.

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