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Yet another month has passed. And now that we are in the second day for March, there are some exciting things to expect.

First, the plot outline for book 2 of Celestial Chronicles is complete, and the chapter outline is halfway finished. I’m really excited because it’s been quite a while since I felt inspired to complete  this, probably due to the new methods I’m using to generate ideas.  If everything goes well, I can finally continue the first draft by the third week of May.

Meanwhile, I know I said that I plan to continue A Slayer’s Diary. But it looks like it will be a long time before I can jump back to that story. Still, I don’t think this year would end without me writing several new chapters for ASD.

In the meantime, I’m applying to be an anime & manga content creator in a website. And this time, they are hiring worldwide. So this will be an even bloodier battlefield than the last one. Fingers crossed!

We are almost past the first quarter of 2021, which feels really quick. In any case, I will have my hands full in the coming weeks as I finish several projects I have, both ongoing and pending.

Stay safe!

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