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Episode 8 brought us a lot of emotions once again, and it is anything but happy. Reiner is defeated quickly, but he managed to save Porco from a grisly death. And while our heroes retreat victoriously, the Marleyans are devastated with the loss of their fleet, the high-ranking commanders, and the Warhammer Titan. But that’s nothing compared to Gabi’s own losses and the rage fueling her.

Ironically, Gabi’s feelings perfectly mirrors Eren on the day that Bertoldt and Reiner first breached Shinganshina District. And it is portrayed well when Gabi asks Falco why their friends have to die, prompting the boy to remember that Eren asked Reiner a similar question. Inthis sense, history repeats itself, and Gabi declares that she will kill Eren and the Paradis demons. Her next actions afterwards are perhaps justified then, and we really can’t blame her for shooting Sasha.

The fact that Zeke is alive and apparently working with Paradis further complicates things for everyone. Incidentally, the most funny part about this revelation is the banter between Zeke and Levi. While these two are indeed working together for the time being, it is plain as day that they hated and wants to kill each other, which makes their acting during the battle all the more convincing.

But of course, the main highlight for this episode is the unfortunate death of our beloved potato-eater, Sasha. The loss is felt by everyone, especially Connie and Jean, and it is truly heartbreaking to watch as the usually stoic Mikasa breaks down in tears. Even Eren, who never showed much emotion ever since his first appearance this season, finally succumbs to the grief with an expression of devastation, and quite possibly, regret because it was him who technically caused Sasha’s death.

For this scene, the voice actors did another excellent job in portraying their characters. The emotions are strong, further enhancing the impact of Sasha’s death. Perhaps the most saddest part about this is her final words, “meat”, which perfectly sums up her character; even until her death, the only thing Sasha has in mind is food.

Overall, episode 8 pulls our heartstrings to the point of breaking. ButSasha’s departure only serves a grim warning for the audiences: that this time, Isayama won’t hold back, and we cshould expect more twists and tragedies to come.

Episode score: 10/10

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