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A final showdown that ends with sadness.

Episode 6 is a roller coaster ride of emotions. As Naofumi’s party faces Kyo, they are struck with a painful revelation about Ost—one that is crucial to the defeat of the Spirit Tortoise.


The Situation Worsens

Last week’s episode revealed that Ost is indeed the core of the monster, and it is a twist that is easy to see. After all, there are various clues that, upon closer inspection, point to Ost’s real identity.

With that said, things get even more dicier as the Spirit Tortoise revives, forcing Melromarc and the Spirit Tortoise Kingdom to make a last stand. Worse, the monster is powered by the missing three Heroes, and the barrier protecting its core could only be deactivated by destroying the heart and head at the same time.

The fact that Kyo managed to capture all three heroes speak much about their skills, and it is both funny and sad that only Naofumi is the only competent one among them. Notwithstanding, the three “stooges” are still needed, and it would be a disaster if all of them die.

Thankfully, Glass’s party reaches the chamber as well while a great ally arrives to assist the kingdoms: Fitoria!


United Front

In the past season, we’ve seen how strong Fitoria is during her battles. But what we may not have realized is how powerful she could really be. And her fight against the Spirit Tortoise shows that. This Fitoria could attack a monster powered by three Cardinal Heroes and the souls of the dead while protecting the vast armies of Melromarc and the Spirit Tortoise kingdom. The scene itself is epic, and this is the first time we really saw the Filolial queen going all out. Her skills and her movements fully display the amount of experiences she has accumulated throughout the years.

Unfortunately, the same could not be said back with Naofumi’s group. Though he has struck an unspoken alliance with Glass’s party, their combined might isn’t enough to defeat Kyo. The Book Vassal Hero is shockingly strong, and combined with his cunning, even Glass, who nearly killed Naofumi, had a hard time against him.

It gets worse when Kyo used the gathered souls to unleash a gravity spell, incapacitating everyone. It’s a heart-wrenching scene to see Naofumi getting beat up helplessly, especially with Raphtalia’s cry of anguish and rage in the background.

But all hope is not lost as one person steps up and resists the gravity spell.


The Rising of Rishia

Rishia’s potential has been teased time and again throughout the season, though she has not participated much in most of the battles for it to become apparent. Nevertheless, the Rishia who fought Kyo is on another level entirely. Who would have thought that she held so much power? And it is enough to single-handedly repel every attack that Kyo threw at her.

Of course, much of this is not just her innate strength, but her own determination and resolve to get strong. Rishia is a driven character, and it shows here. Her attacks are relentless, precise, and she never gives up no matter what. She may be clumsy and sometimes annoying, but she holds enough power to rival a Cardinal Hero—to the point that she could rescue the captive heroes on her own.


A New Shield, A New Outlook in Life

With Rishia keeping Kyo occupied, it is now time for Naofumi to finish the mission. As always, this can’t be done without a new shield, courtesy of Ost, and the Shield Hero finally breaks the gravity spell using the most powerful magic in the world.

As Fitoria takes out the Spirit Tortoise’s head and Glass’s party destroys its heart, Naofumi faces Kyo once more. Naturally, he would use the Wrath Shield. But something is wrong. For the first time, Naofumi doesn’t feel hatred toward Kyo, rendering his cursed shield practically useless.

Perhaps it is simply because Naofumi has changed for the better, and he’s not as hateful as he was thanks to his positive experiences. Unfortunately, the fight is not yet over, and he must kill the Spirit Tortoise for good.

He must kill Ost.


Farewell To A Friend

The final moments of the episode is truly a sad one. Ost has become a dear friend to Naofumi’s party, especially to Rishia. But fate is cruel, and though he never wants it, Naofumi is soon forced to activate his new and beautiful shield, finally destroying the core for good.

The heartbreaking part about this is that they never get to properly say goodbye to Ost. Kyo has retreated to his world, leaving behind a portal. And though Glass assures Naofumi that she and her party can take care of the rogue Vassal Hero, we know that Naofumi’s sense of justice and vengeance would not let him sit idly—he had to follow Kyo.

Thus, his party bids farewell and travels to another world, leaving behind a content and dying Ost whose last words were a wish for Naofumi to find his happy ending.



An emotional journey from start to finish, episode 6 wraps up the Spirit Tortoise arc in a dramatic and bittersweet way. But while victory is achieved, the battle is not yet over for the Shield Hero. And this time, he and his party must face the dangers of another world.

Episode score: 8/10.

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