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Another twist, another revelation!

Episode 4 has no shortage of action and drama, but it is the latter that’s more impactful than the former. Naofumi and his party finally enters the body of the Spirit Tortoise, and encounter several obstacles that prove to be a challenge.


An Unexpected Reunion

Last episode ended with a shocking cliffhanger: the reunion between Glass’s party and Naofumi. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen the three Heroes from another world, and as expected, Naofumi’s party is wary.

Surprisingly, Glass and her comrades don’t want to fight this time. In fact, they have the same mission as Naofumi: to kill the Spirit Tortoise. Unfortunately, while they do have the same objectives, Naofumi can’t just forget about the trouble they had cause before.

In the end, both groups enter a non-aggression pact and goes their separate ways.


Inside The Spirit Tortoise

The Spirit Tortoise is a strange monster, one whose insides actually feel like a dungeon. Monsters swarm all over the place, strong enough that even Glass’s party had a hard time breaking through them. Of course, they are indeed powerful Heroes, and it is not long before they reach a chamber that contains the Spirit Tortoise’s heart… or does it?

Switching to Naofumi, it’s interesting how they reached a chamber containing another heart without much trouble. A big part of it is thanks to Ost, who could somehow open paths within the monster. But perhaps the person waiting for them in the chamber also has a hand in their success.


A Shocking Revelation

Meet Kyo Ethnina, an egomaniac with a foul mouth and an even fouler attitude. Obviously, we already know from this that he is indeed the culprit behind the Spirit Tortoise’s rampage. He’s an annoying character, and from the way he speaks, it’s clear that he has some loose screws in the head. But the most astounding fact about him is that he’s also a Hero, albeit a Vassal.

Kyo’s motivations are still obscured, though it is hinted that he defeated the other Heroes. Somehow. A curious thing considering that he runs away without fighting. Whatever the case, it is now confirmed that Glass’s party found a fake heart, and Naofumi’s group is in front of the real one, whose defense system activates.

It is really sad that Ost, being the tortoise’s familiar, is heavily affected whenever the group damages the heart. But as is her duty now, Ost weathers the attacks, and the heart is ultimately destroyed.

But wait. There’s more! Ost, once again, survives, and so does the Spirit Tortoise.

And now comes the moment of truth. The party travels to the deepest depths of the Spirit Tortoise where Kyo once again awaits them next to the core, and reveals the truth.

Ost Horai is the Spirit Tortoise.



Light novel and manga readers may find the plot twist no longer surprising, but for anime-only watchers, it is somewhat quite obvious, though not really a glaring one. The hints provide enough clues, but they are subtle enough that you wouldn’t think much of them at first. In any case, the episode finally answers some of the biggest questions since the season started, while also setting up a dramatic ending for the Spirit Tortoise Arc.

Episode score: 7.5/10.

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