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The school is under attack!

Episode 5 further blends new and old scenes together as we enter the final act of the Enrollment Arc. Most of the runtime contains events that we have seen before, particularly the fight scenes, though there are quite new ones that gives us another angle to the story.

First, Kinoe Tsukasa’s capture. In the main series, we never really got the chance to see how they have gotten him. But here it is revealed that Honoka, Shizuku, and Eimi are heavily involved despite not participating much in the battle.

An interesting scene here is how terrified Honoka was at first, especially when the terrorists started attacking. Shizuku is much the same, and so is Eimi. But in the end, they overcame this fear in order to help their friends. And this is a big leap in their character development, particularly Honoka who is also heavily involved during many parts of season two.

But perhaps the highlight of this episode is Miyuki’s own fight with the terrorist while Tatsuya pursues Hajime Tsukasa. It was not really shown just how she defeated so many terrorists, though we already know that she uses her Niflheim skill. But here the scene is  expanded, and we see once again why she is Tatsuya’s little sister. It is not explicitly stated, but it is clear that she did froze her enemies to death, forcing Tatsuya to revive them using his Regeneration power. Of course, this causes Miyuki to feel guilty, and we get to see another tender moment between these two siblings as well as a lighthearted scene with all their friends.

Overall, Episode 5 is a good way to show what happens when the focus is not on Tatsuya. Seeing the characters who are usually not present in some of the scenes from the original is a breath of fresh air, expanding upon their development a bit more. The end credits scene only serves as icing on the cake as it gives us fanservice and introduces completely new characters in preparation for the Nine Schools Competition Arc.

Episode score: 8/10.

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