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The girls are on the case!

Episode 4 is a blend of content both original and rehashed. We are now beginning to intersect with the plot of the main series, and indeed, the majority of the episode contains scenes that we’ve already seen before.

But that did not mean there was nothing new. For one, we have the mandatory Miyuki fanservice which is really a feast for the eyes, showing her in various outfits that are drool-worthy. It is pretty much a funny scene that are usually reserved for romcom series, something that The Irregular at Magic High School rarely showed.

What’s so interesting to watch in this episode is how Miyuki and the other girls actually helped Tatsuya from the shadows during the Blanche incident. Honoka, Shizuku, and Eimi did their best to apprehend Tsukasa, though they are ultimately caught in his traps and would have been captured if not for Miyuki’s arrival. And once again, the younger Shiba proved how powerful she can be when angered, to the point that antinite no longer works on her. She is very much like a yandere at this point, though it should no longer be a shock as she does have the tendency to go that way.

Surprisingly, Yakumo appeared as well, assisting Miyuki in interrogating Tsukasa’s men. But what’s really intriguing is how Shizuku seems to suspect that Miyuki is a member of the Ten Masters Clan as early as this point in the story, displaying her excellent perception that was rarely seen in the original series.

Overall, episode 4 feels like a re-animated version of season 1. However, it does have enough new content to give us a view of what is happening during these events, adding some insight on the plot itself.

Episode score: 7.5/10.

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