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It’s time for a little relaxation!

Episode 16 brings a real close to the meeting between Rimuru and his allies, but even so, there are still a lot of things that needs to be resolved.

For one, Demon Lord Ramiris has reiterated her warning: that Rimuru City will fall. This stems from the Walpurgis, a meeting of Demon Lords which often leads to a devastating war. But the thing is, the upcoming Walpurgis will be about the rising power of Rimuru, brought forth by Clayman and approved by none other than Milim herself, as well as Frey.

Thankfully, Rimuru still has time to prepare. And since he has secured the assistance of Dwargon, Thalion, and Blumund, he has enough allies now. Something both funny and disturbing here is how they deal with the prisoners from Falmuth. Shion has taken into her hands the task of “interrogating” Razen, Edmaris, and the Bishop for their reason in attacking the city. And as you guess it, the term is just a nice way of referring to torture. The act itself was never shown, and we can only guess what methods she used—after all, she literally died because of them. But it’s also a hilarious scene since Shion manages to write their names differently and wrongly.

With that comes a brief respite as the kings and envoys enjoy the hospitality of Rimuru’s nation. Everyone is wearing a yukata, and Veldora is definitely rocking the outfit. Meanwhile, Ramiris gets spoiled by Treyni’s sisters, which is really cute to see.

Unfortunately, this little party gets slightly ruined by a disturbing news from Souei. An army of 30,000 marches on Tempest, led by one of Clayman’s elite warriors, The Five Fingers, which Mjurran was once a member of. But something is not right, and with rising dread, everyone realizes that the army’s real target is not Rimuru City, but what remains of Eurazania’s civilian population.

Overall, episode 16 may have dragged the events a little too long, but it certainly sets up an exciting battle. And the funny scenes are just icing on the cake.

Episode score: 7.5/10.

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