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The alliance is now forged!

Episode 15 brings an end to the meeting between Rimuru and his allies, and as expected, everything went fine without a hitch, even with Ramiris’s brief interruption. And what’s really good about this episode is how it showed Rimuru’s skills in politics.

His plan to make sure that Veldora takes the blame for destroying Falmuth’s army while making his nation look heroic and presenting Falmuth as the instigator, all the while stirring the populace to stage a civil war with Youm as the leader, is simply marvelous. This is coming from a general contractor in his previous life, which shows how much he has improved over such a short amount of time. Moreover, Veldora’s nonchalant acceptance of this set up proves how he truly trusts Rimuru.

What’s so interesting about the end of the meeting is how Elalude make both Rimuru and Fuze spill their real motives. For Fuze, it is because he has deep connections with the king of Blumund, so his alliance with Rimuru is essentially the king’s will. For our favorite slime, his motive is really simple: to live in a world where everyone can smile. Thus, his decision to attain more power.

It is no surprise then that Elalude would bow to pledge his loyalty, sealing the deal and finally ending the meeting. It is worth noting that Rimuru revealed his motive while activating his demon lord aura, but there was no malice and evil intent behind it. Rather, he just showed the power he wields; the same power that he would use to change the world.

Unfortunately, he will need every ounce of it. Clayman is on the move, and with Milim supposedly under his control, Rimuru might have a hard time dealing with him… especially if someone may have been manipulating Clayman all along.

Overall, episode 15 is slow-paced and has no notable action scenes. But the insights we’ve been given is more than enough to satisfy us, and the build up to another great showdown is interesting.

Episode score: 8/10.

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