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One problem ends, but another begins!

Episode 12 closes off some plot threads laid out at the start of this season while opening up new ones as well, and it seems that despite Rimuru’s ascension, the threat is not yet over. While Shion and the deceased monsters have been revived, and indeed there’s a fun and hilarious reunion between Benimaru and Shion, things are heating up in the nation of Eurazania as Milim begins her assault.

And what an epic fight! Though brief, we are finally able to glimpse what The Destroy could do single-handedly, easily overpowering Carrion in his true form. Milim here is a true beast, and it is no wonder why she is considered one of the strongest demon lords. Of course, she had some help too, which is highly unusual and begs the question: is she doing this of her own volition, or is there someone controlling her?

Thankfully, the people of Eurazania has been accepted as refugees in Tempest. But while Rimuru wants to help solve the issue, there are other problems he must attend to. Fortunately, his evolution grants him a more deeper connection with his subordinates, and all of them could fulfill their duties much more efficiently now thanks to their new ability to almost instantly understand Rimuru’s wishes and desires, without our slime needing to say it.

This allows Rimuru to do other tasks, one of which is giving a fitting name to the archdemon he has summoned: Diablo. And unlike the others, Diablo has taken an immediate liking to his master, even going so far as to pledge his undying loyalty. However, a cloud of mystery still hangs over Rimuru’s new “butler”, and it should be interesting to see where this pact would end.

Perhaps the biggest highlight in this episode is the fulfillment of Rimuru’s first promise: to free the Storm Dragon Veldora. And as expected, this is now a walk in the park for the newly-born Demon Lord. Now Veldora is free, inhabiting a new body, and our dear slime finally reunites with his old friend.

Overall, episode 12 is a nice ending to the first half of season 2. There are some cool fight scenes, and we get to see a little of Rimuru’s newfound powers. But what else is in store for our loveable slime?

We will find out when the second half returns this July!

Episode score: 9/10.

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