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The raid boss is defeated!

Episode 12 sees our brave Adventurers continuing the battle with Ereinus, and it wouldn’t be possible without none other than Akatsuki herself. Unlike most of the group, the diminutive Assassin is the only one who doesn’t see someone she loves—in her case, Shiroe—as someone to be admired, but rather someone who is equal to herself. This is in stark contrast to Minori’s deep admiration, and it is interesting how vastly different they view him.

Meanwhile, as Akatsuki resists Ereinus’s attacks, her determination rallies the collapsing raid party. The Mofur twins once again prove just how powerful they can be, and they manage to help Akatsuki hold the boss long enough for Minori to recover and fulfill her duty as the party leader and strategist. And for the first time, we see how much she has grown as an Adventurer, mimicking Shiroe’s role, even down to her version of Shiroe’s Full Control Encounter skill. It is evident here that Minori has taken his lessons to heart, giving them the edge they need to finally locate Ereinus’s weakness and defeat him once and for all.

And so our heroes return victoriously! But for Minori, the battle is far from over as she enters her next battlefield: the battlefield of love. She finally confesses her love for Shiroe, and just as expected, it went unrequited as Shiroe has already fallen for Akatsuki. Obviously, this affected Minori deeply, and her scene is pretty much sad and depressing. Thankfully, her friends are there to support her, including a remorseful Isuzu who regrets urging her friend to pursue Shiroe.

In the end, everything is finally settled, and the Mofur twins officially join Log Horizon, much to the shock and horror of Tetora. But the story is far from over as the Villain-in-Glasses prepare for his next mission: to visit the city of Minami.

Overall, the finale is a good ending to a 12-episode season. It answers several plot threads from the previous arcs, while opening more questions to be explored in another sequel. And it pays off the character development established earlier in the series.

Episode score: 7/10.

And with this comes an end to my winter anime reviews. Spring season has officially started, so expect another round of reviews in the coming weeks!

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