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Nemo is in trouble!

Episode 10 is somber yet intriguing during most of its runtime. The Granseed Academy has apprehended our hero, and even the student council has turned its back on him… or so it appears at first. While most, especially Gareth, are either suspects or condemns Nemo, Gildan has stayed true to his heart and supports him.

For the most part, Gildan has remained a side character throughout most of his appearances, with an episode focusing on him. But this time, he takes a more proactive role to help his friend. And as expected, he used his influence as a prince to bribe people. This is where his charm shines, and where we see how much he cares about Nemo.

In contrast to this, Jou’s loyalty is wavering thanks to Sophitia’s seduction. Despite that, we can’t blame him as he is simply being led on by the manipulative leader of Physis.

Thankfully, Gildan is not the only one who supports Nemo. Shirley, while initially skeptical about the situation, is still very much on Nemo’s side. And there’s Ellen as well. On the other hand, Faria is neutral, though she herself wants to know the truth.

It is because of this that she decides to find answers on her own. But while Gildan is blinded by his guilt over Claire’s death, Faria relies on Neumonia’s guidance, which ultimately leads to an encounter with Reda and a shocking revelation: that Nemo, the REAL Nemo, is just a regular boy who was killed by a monster.

The same monster who is now a member of the Seven Knights.

The saddest thing about this truth is the fact that Nemo is not denying it, and his principle of not killing makes a lot more sense because of it. He’s not even resisting what’s being done to him. Rather, he has taken a complacent stance on the whole situation and simply accepts his fate, even to the point of asking Faria to kill him. This shows just how much he cherishes his friends, even if they want to kill him.

But of course, Faria could not leave Nemo to his fate. And while the rest of the school prepare to deal judgment, including Jou and Gildan, the leader of the Seven Knights proves why she is chosen as a Successor for Neumonia.

Overall, episode 10 reveals a lot more about Nemo and explains his character motivations throughout the series. Some of the characters get their own spotlights, letting us see them in new ways. And with only two episodes left, the stage has been set for a climactic finale.

Episode score: 8/10.

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