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Well, it’s been two months since I last posted an update. A lot has happened since then, both good and bad. But let’s focus on the good, shall we?

First, and this is already obvious if you’ve been reading my updates for the past few days, I’m officially a traditionally published author now! I had my first ever online book launch last Sunday, and I’m really excited to see how my journey as an author will continue from here. My book, The Reaper of Iremia, is now available now in, and you can buy it in paperback form. Who would have thought that I would reach this milestone two years after I self-published it in Amazon? 😁

In the meantime, I’m still writing the first draft of book 2. And it’s really fun and exciting. Seven chapters are now finished, and I’m planning to post the first chapter as a teaser. So stay tuned for that announcement!

In other news, I’ve gone back to writing fanfictions and continuing my abandoned fics. There’s still a lot to be done, but I hope to finish one story by the end of this year. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying my time in playing PS4 games, especially Resident Evil 2 Remake. There’s just something satisfying in blowing up zombie heads!

Anyway, June is both a sad and satisfying month for me. There were some low points, but there were some highs as well. And that’s something I wanted to focus on.

Keep safe!

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