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This is a pretty okay episode in terms of pacing. They adapted only 50+ pages worth of material, and the fight scene was good and on point.

The only problem I saw here, and really the downside of adapting a series like Infinite Dendrogram, was the cut content detailing the various game mechanics and skill explanations. For example, they no longer explained Rook’s monster taming skills, or the fact that the Grandardra bracers boost strength by 100%.

Infinite Dendrogram’s main selling point in its novels is the rich explanation of skills and status, almost to the point of being an info dump. Unlike SAO, which focused more on dark plot and characters, ID is a series that relies heavily on game elements. It’s like Log Horizon, but the major difference is that the anime of Log Horizon did a fine job of including all the explanations without making the story suffer, unlike Infinite Dendrogram’s anime which is focusing on fight scenes and getting to the next story arc.

Minor nitpick: they skipped one scene showing the antagonists for the current arc, though I think they will just move it to the next episode.

Still, this is not a bad episode. A solid 7/10 for me.

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