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Surprisingly, this episode turned out ok despite some skipped scenes, all of which were pretty minor. They adapted at least 50 pages from the novel, and that is still a good pacing compared to most anime. The new characters are spot on, especially Marie.

Now for the skipped scenes, some of them were merged to other scenes or watered down to fit the runtime. For example, the lunch break with Ray and Rook was slightly different. In the novel, Ray met Rook in a shop, where he learned that Rook’s job is a Pimp. It even included a quest where Rook had to be a nude model for a tian. Then they picked up Babi from a massage parlor. And from there, they ate together just like what was shown in the beginning of this episode.

Also in the novel, Nemesis was sulking during their lunch instead of the more cheerful version in the anime.

Figaro’s killing spree was spot on, though in the novel, he took out 36 players instead of those 8 that were shown in this episode. There were some explanations that were never mentioned as well. For example, they didn’t show that Barbaroy realized how Figaro could escape the gravity debuff, and that’s  because Figaro is a solo player; naturally, he has every anti-debuff skills and equipment equipped.

The showcase of the other three Superiors is almost the same as in the novel. The only difference is the fact that in the novel, Ray already met Lei-Lei during the celebration after the Orchard quest.

Most of the game mechanics have been glossed over for most of the episode, especially the skills. But despite that, this is still good overall. A solid 7.5/10.

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