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Ishtar’s Noble Phantasm being animated at last is truly a feast for the eyes, and the accompanying background music only added to the epicness of the scene itself. Her dialogues, her movements, the way the gate opened, everything looks exactly like in the game.

Tiamat showing her true form is probably one of my favourite part in this episode. It honestly reminded me a little of Final Fantasy X when Sin, the main antagonist of the game, emerged for the first time. Tiamat almost has that same impact, especially since she is almost just as large as the FFX final boss.

But definitely the best thing about the entire episode 17 was the way they added humor amidst all that serious and grim atmosphere. Everything was so perfectly balanced. I honestly thought and initially wished that they would not add that useless goddess scene for fear of it being cringey and corny, but they did. And it was really a good idea. The scene just blended seamlessly into the story without being forced, and I was laughing all throughout that part.

Overall, this is a perfect 10/10.

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