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The 1 week delay is worth the wait! This is the most heartbreaking episode yet, and the emotions in here were very real. The music, especially the ending song, are lit and sorrowful, blending perfectly with the scenes and adding to the sadness present in this episode.

Siduri’s death scene is a tearjerker, but it was Kingu who held the spotlight all throughout the episode. His shock of being betrayed; his fear of dying; his confusion at seeing Enkidu’s memories during Siduri’s final moments, all of them were perfectly portrayed here. The voice actors and voice actresses did an excellent job in their lines, especially Siduri’s VA.

The only thing I have mixed feelings about is the Dark Ushiwakamaru fight scene. It was definitely good, even better than Ana vs Gorgon in terms of length and choreography. But despite that, I still find it slightly lacking since they are facing a powered up version of Ushi, who fought Gorgon TWICE. The fight in this episode, though quite long, ended a little too quickly.

Still, this is a good episode. Definitely a 9/10 for me.

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