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Vaccine LeDroux, a Riftborn with powers over Light, is tasked with finding Warden Masoc and his company. Along the way, she encounters a demon. Unable to defeat and prevent its escape, he enlists the help of Renlar, a mysterious innkeeper/sellsword with an even more mysterious past.

Faith and Fury is your typical fantasy adventure with dragons, giants, and of course demons. But while this is the case, the characters are interesting, especially Renlar. I found Vaccine annoying at first, but her development makes me like her character by the end of the book.

The plot is pretty basic, though solid. The fight scenes are done well, and the worldbuilding, while sprinkled throughout the story and not as extensive as other books of this genre, is interesting.

There is a twist at the end that seemed out of nowhere, and the big bad is never fully utilized. But that didn’t really affected my enjoyment of the story. Overall, this is a good start to a series.

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