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Raised by a monster from Transamagei since being abandoned at birth, Zea is hunted down and forced to become a part of the Soul Stealers that killed his family and stole his name. Everything he has known no longer exists. Moon is nothing but a demon with a false name and a murderous desire to slaughter and devour anyone who stands in his way of becoming a true Soul Stealer. Having to work with the young Soul who killed his father, Moon must carry out his own Mission to earn his survival; capture the illusive White Wolf and her family. But as the sinister truth behind the capture is discovered, Moon must decide if his life and those of his friends are worth more than what is morally right.

I’ve had the chance to read the previews, and boy I was not disappointed. Got hooked from the very first page, but my busy schedule prevented me from reading this in one go.

The characters and descriptions are good, and the premise itself is unique. Zea is an interesting MC, though I have to say my favorite is Cosmos. His power is just so cool!

There are only two things that made me shave off a star. First, it was not clear whether this is set on Earth or an alternate one, I don’t even know why and how different creatures and people with abilities can walk alongside regular humans in broad daylight. The other is the punctuation seems off in some places, though this doesn’t really affect the story as a whole.

Overall, I’d give this a solid 4 stars and would recommend it to horror fantasy fans.

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