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August is here. And with it, a bunch of new personal goals and some changes. I’m looking to get more reviewers again for The Reaper of Iremia, so I will be spending the whole month hunting down online magazines and book reviews. So far, I have already submitted in two publications. And I’m just waiting for their response.

In other news, A Slayer’s Diary has reached more than 8,000 reads in Royal Roads. For a mere hobby and writing practice, this is quite an achievement to me, and I thank all my readers and supporters for this. Here’s to another month of more reads!

My website is currently undergoing some overhaul this month. Streamlined menus, better contents, but still retaining its core topics, which are books, anime, and writing. My other social media accounts are also going through some changes to make them unique, and I think you will like the contents I’ll be posting there in the coming weeks and months. So stay tuned for more updates!

In just another month, we will be entering the Christmas season again. And while it may not be the season we’re familiar with, I’m still hoping for the best.

Stay safe!

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