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This episode has the same formula as the previous one, though with better pacing and animation. The fight scene is done well, especially the choreography, and I also prefer this version of Weregarurumon’s debut over the original.

At this point though, the introduction of the ultimate digivolutions has become somewhat of a generic power-up to overcome a stronger opponent, unlike the original series where it is heavily tied to the Digidestined’s respective crest. In this 2020 iteration, their crests are barely mentioned and seen, which kind of dilutes the plot.

One thing to note in this episode is the appearance of Bearmon, Daigo Nishijima’s partner Digimon in the Tri film series. Whether this is the same Bearmon—who later became one of the four Harmonious Ones—remains to be seen.

Overall, this is still a good episode and deserves a 7.5/10.

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