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The kingdoms begin their move!

Episode 2 may be a slow-paced, dialogue-filled episode, but that didn’t mean it isn’t interesting. For one, more about the Spirit Tortoise, and the world in general, is revealed, and a mysterious character makes her appearance.


A Tense Meeting

As the Spirit Tortoise enters sleep after wreaking havoc, the leaders gather to discuss a plan that would defeat the rampaging monster. Unfortunately, it seems that only Naofumi and Mirellia are the only level-headed ones among the group, a situation that Naofumi finds irritating.

The leaders of the Spirit Tortoise kingdom has varied personalities, which explains their disagreement. While some see the situation in a calm manner, the rest all have their various agendas. Others want to kill the Spirit Tortoise for glory, and some simply wants revenge.

It is only natural, then, that Naofumi would grow irritable during the conversation—an attitude that Raphtalia would quickly scold him for.

Unfortunately, the meeting would only get more tense as a mysterious character enters the discussion.


Ost Hourai and the Nature of the Spirit Tortoise

Ost Hourai is an interesting character, to say the least. She is, supposedly, the king’s concubine and regent. However, her real identity is the familiar of the Spirit Tortoise. But the thing is, there’s no malice in her. In fact, she’s a polite and endearing character with a splash of awkwardness. There’s nothing to hate about her at all.

Indeed, Ost plays a vital role as she knows the weakness of her creator and its entire purpose, which is just as terrifying as the Waves. For the Spirit Tortoise is meant to protect the world should the Four Heroes fail… by sacrificing a great number of lives to stop the Waves. This is why Fitoria was adamant on Naofumi working together with the other heroes.

With that said, Ost does have her streak of cunning. After all, she wouldn’t have reached her position if not for her devious manipulation in the political field. But nevertheless, she is a fun character, and a beautiful one at that.


The Shield Hero’s Party

Unfortunately, Ost’s arrival didn’t settle anything, as the commanders remain aggressive and uncooperative, leading to the classic walk out of the Shield Hero. It seems then that Naofumi and his party, once again, would have to face the threat all by themselves.

Fortunately, his party is much stronger than ever. Aside from Rishia, two other members temporarily aid him this time: Elrasla, the martial artists who was one of the first ones to become Naofumi’s staunchest allies, and Éclair, a young knight and daughter to the former lord of Saeyette, now serving Naofumi as his soldiers and party’s instructor.

While it is only her first appearance, Éclair proves to be another interesting character. She has that calm personality befitting her status as a knight, and she really gets along well with the rest of the group. Incidentally, her backstory is also sad.

Ost joins the party too, though as an advisor. Surprisingly, Naofumi has paired her with Rishia to research about the Spirit Tortoise. Considering their respective personalities and quirks, it should be fun to see how Ost would affect Rishia.


The Plan

Despite Naofumi’s misgivings regarding the Spirit Tortoise Kingdom’s commanders, they are still people that he has to protect. Thankfully, a sweet moment between him and Raphtalia finally nudges him to working with the commanders, hatching a plan that would lure the monster with minimal casualties. It is worth noting that each commander and their armies has their unique specialty in the field of battle—specialties that Naofumi plans to utilize.

With preparations underway, our heroes gather around a camp fire before the battle, equipping themselves with brand new weapons and just having a fun time. There’s a really cute and funny scene involving Rishia and Ost, the latter teaching the former the art of seduction.

Sadly, the fun time doesn’t last long as the Spirit Tortoise stirs.



Episode 2 is more of an exposition and introductory episode much like the first, with greater focus on character interactions. However, the final scene does set up an epic fight that should be exciting.

Episode score: 7.5/10.

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