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The Demon Lords plot and scheme!

Episode 18 is an interesting episode. Instead of focusing on Rimuru, we get to see more of the other Demon Lords he would encounter at the Walpurgis and how they view his rising influence and power.

First, there is Clayman who we are all familiar with by now. But this time, we get to see just how insane and pathetic he is. As it turns out, he did brainwashed Milim, with a little from Frey, to get revenge on her for belittling him while acquiring a very powerful pawn. It is really sad to see our favorite honey-loving Destroyer being manhandled like that, and it is certain that Clayman will face the most terrifying punishment for doing this if Frey’s cryptic monologue is anything to judge by.

The sad thing about Clayman is that he believes he is already cunning and powerful, even though there are more stronger Demon Lords out there. Unfortunately, this belief only proves that he is very much a small fry; after all, he did fell for Rimuru’s fake news about Veldora’s awakening.

Meanwhile, two Demon Lords has an interesting meeting. For the first time, we are finally introduced to both Leon Cromwell, Shizu’s summoner, and Guy Crimson, one of the oldest Demon Lords alongside Milim.

Leon is an intriguing character. He is serious, calculative, and always cautious. And unlike most Demon Lords, he was actually once a human. But there is no malice surrounding him; at least, nothing that he is showing unlike Clayman who screams “I’m evil!” just by his looks. Rather, Leon behaves like a neutral evil of sorts.

Then there is Guy. A stark contrast to Leon, Guy is obviously the kind of character that simply loves entertainment. He has that laidback and provocative attitude, even hitting on Leon just to rile him up, and it is clear that he does things just for fun and excitement. Interestingly enough, he is also a friend/partner of Veldora’s older sister, the Ice Dragon Velzard.

Their meeting is pretty much all about Rimuru and the upcoming Walpurgis, and it is clear that even they find the recent events highly troubling. More so for Leon and the other nations who summons children from Earth whom Rimuru will target to make them stop the experiment.

One interesting part here is how Leon cleverly deduced the real truth behind Veldora’s reawakening. It speaks much about his intelligence, though based on the fact that they still can’t figure out why Veldora remains quiet, and weak according to his own sister, even they has already fallen prey to Rimuru’s manipulations.

Overall, episode 18 may feel like a drag, but it provides a great insight on the Demon Lords and how they see Rimuru. It should be exciting when all these characters finally meet at the Walpurgis.

Episode score: 8/10.

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