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A new Demon Lord has awakened!

Continuing where the previous one left off, Episode 11 pays off all the buildup and hype in a massive and satisfying way. As Rimuru proceeds with his collection of souls, we come to realize that it is not just his power that fulfills the requirements to become a Demon Lord, but also his attitude and behavior; he is merciless, cold, and unyielding to his enemies. This is further emphasized when he casually kills two soldiers pleading for their lives, granting him the Merciless skill that is more efficient compared to Megiddo.

The one-sided parley with the king of Falmuth and the Archbishop goes just as expected—that is to say, Rimuru never gives them a chance to negotiate in the first place and even kills Razen. Of course, our dear slime is still compassionate, to a degree, as he takes the two quivering geezers as prisoners of war. And we can only assume how they would suffer in the nation of monsters they have provoked.

But those are not the highlights of the episode, and we actually have two epic scenes to drool over. First, Rimuru’s servants have increased with his acquisition of souls after summoning three demons, foremost of which is the dreaded Diablo. The Arch Demon, known for his brutally and strength, immediately shows his prowess by defeating Razen without much effort, and only through physical combat no less. One interesting bit about Diable is how devoted he his to Rimuru, perhaps even more than all his other subordinates.

And so, we come to the moment we’ve been waiting for: the rebirth of the great slime as a Demon Lord. The scene itself is indeed epic, spine-chilling, and tearjerking. Rimuru has once again transcends the limits, stronger and more powerful than even Carrion, a terrifying fact that Grucius witnessed after Rimuru grants Great Sage a more powerful form and  finally revives everyone, including Shion. And with Rimuru’s ascension comes a new dawn for the nation of monsters, and perhaps, even the entire world itself.

Overall, episode 11 is definitely the best episode of the entire series. It opens up the start of another journey for our adorable slime, this time as a powerful Demon Lord, and changes the status quo for everyone around him. Just how would this development affect the other countries and races?

Episode score: 10/10.

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