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Episode 10 is an action-packed episode, and probably the best one in the series so far, as our heroes finally move against the unsuspecting Falmuth army. And just as expected, Rimuru and the gang REKT everyone.

While each character shines on their own, particularly Gabiru and Benimaru, the highlights and major battles have centered on Geld and Hakurou. And it is so satisfying to watch these two being beasts in their fight against Shogo and Kyoya. Hakurou proves once again that he is indeed a master swordsman and strategist, easily taunting the short-tempered Kyoya and anticipating all of his tricks. And the best part about it? Hakurou barely broke a sweat.

Meanwhile, Geld’s duel against Shogo is one of epic proportions. It is brutal, spine-chilling, and heart pounding. The title of Orc Lord truly fits Geld as he held his own from Shogo’s attacks using his Rot ability, which Shogo has no countermeasures for. Naturally, the violent Otherworlder would resort to drastic measures in order to win; that is, killing Kirara and taking her Survivor skill to boost his capabilities.

But that is not enough to stop Geld, and he made Shogo a living punching bag that left the poor Otherworlder a pitiful and miserable mess. If not for Razen, a majin in the service of Falmuth, Shogo would have died from Geld’s ferocious onslaught.

The arrival of the majin complicates things somewhat given the shocking betrayal he pulled against Shogo, putting an end to the third and last Otherworlder. His powers would seem to be a problem, a fact that even Hakurou noted.

Then again, given how Rimuru finally unleashes a spell so powerful that he merely has to hover in the air while harvesting souls, it is safe to assume that Razen would not last a minute against the soon-to-be demon lord.

Overall, episode 10 brings epic fight scenes from start to finish, showcasing the skillsets of each character to their fullest. And judging by their awesome display of power in this episode, we can only imagine what they would receive once Rimuru evolves into an even stronger form.

Episode score: 9.5/10.

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