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Scissor Hero S’yne

Last episode gives us some of the best scenes this seasons. But for this episode, we return to a more slice of life vibe, though there are quite a few interesting fight scenes and character interactions to balance it.

A New Ally

While Motoyasu is off following Filo’s trail, Naofumi is forced to leave the carriage to the creepy Spear Hero. A hassle, definitely, but that’s the least of his party’s worries as a pair of bandits attack.

If these were any ordinary people, Naofumi would have already defeated the enemies on his own. But as it turns out, the bandits are far stronger than the average bandits, and not even Naofumi’s entire party could defeat them.

Thankfully, a familiar character shows up to help.

Scissor Hero S’yne
S’yne saves Naofumi’s party from strange bandits

It is obvious that there is a great mystery surrounding S’yne, and that only deepens even after the revelation that she is a Vassal Hero from a destroyed other world, in which the bandits were some of the culprits.

But she isn’t an enemy, especially after she helps Naofumi. Of course, the Shield Hero doesn’t trust her, but the girl looks sincere enough when she tells him that she’s tired of seeing heroes die.


Another Daily Life

Much of the second half of the episode is yet another glimpse at Naofumi’s responsibilities as a lord, and as always, it is both heartwarming and funny. S’yne is settling in nicely despite Naofumi’s suspicion, even going as far as entertaining the children.

Scissor Hero S’yne
S’yne entertains the village children

The White Tiger siblings’ training is also progressing well, and it seems that Atla possesses more potential than her brother. This may be in part due to her identity, which is heavily hinted to be Aultcray’s niece.

Speaking of training, the young fighters are now ready to proceed with the next phase of their training: a trip to the mountains where regular bandits lurk.

However, they are not alone. For Motoyasu and a masked Ren are fighting in the same area.

Sword Hero Ren
A masked Ren facing Motoyasu


Final Thoughts

Unlike the previous episode, episode 5 sets up various plot threads and gives several insights on various characters and their backstories. While the pacing is a little bland in some parts, and the fight scene is brief, it is still an enjoyable watch.

Episode score: 7/10

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