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The battle has ended… or is it?

Episode 9 brings a conclusion to the conflict between Amis Germain, leader of the Physis, and the brave Seven Knights. It is action-packed from start to finish, though there is some bits of backstory as well for the Seven Knights’ trump card: Ellen.

What comes as a surprise is the fact that Ellen, and her hero, Vanessa, has the power to control time, allowing Ellen to see the future as well. Thus, her motto of “just go with the flow” finally makes sense as she literally knows the fate of everything around her, including the world itself, and there’s nothing she or anyone else can do about it. This is the reason why we never see her fight until now, as she is the Seven Knights’ secret weapon. Incidentally, her childhood is a really sad one because of this until Faria befriends her.

With that comes the downfall of Amis as Ellen strips him of his powers, at the cost of her own, finally giving the edge our heroes need. The resulting fight scene is probably the best one yet, fast-paced and excellently choreographed, and Nemo and Faria’s teamwork shines once again. A former enemy helps too, and in the end, it is Nemo who deals the final blow against Amis.

But as expected, things are never easy. Though the Seven Knights are victorious, another plot twist, one we already saw coming, changes the status quo once more. A traitor is inside the Academy, and the Seven Knights begin to fracture from within.

Overall, episode 9 initially feels like a conclusion, except when it’s really not. The fight scenes are amazing, though the shocking plot twist is really something we’ve expected.

Episode score: 8/10.

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