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An expected, but still shocking revelation!

Episode 8 continues the Seven Knights’ battle with Physis’s dark version of the group, the Sons of Destruction. And much like before, our heroes are outmatched by the enemy, who could still function even when under Possession.

But ultimately, that leads to their undoing as they do not fight as a team, and so the Seven Knights still has the advantage due to their seamless teamwork. This is evident when Nemo uses hit-and-run tactics, allowing Shirley and Faria to hold off the Sons of Destruction.

What’s so interesting about this battle is obviously the conflicting ideals of the two sides. While the Seven Knights use the power of heroes and treat them as friends and teachers, the Sons of Destruction merely see them as tools, enslaving them to fully access Possession at will. Of course, this method backfires as the heroes resist them, which makes the Possession go out of control much like what happened to Gildan. In the end, the drawback breaks their relentless assault, and Castres is finally defeated.

Surprisingly, Reda somehow manages to control herself, which Nemo notices. It seems she is a little different than the others, which explains why she could hear her hero speak to her. Her resolve is strong, and so is her will, allowing her to resist being consumed by Possession. Naturally, it is Nemo she would face alone after Shirley and Faria continues toward Amis.

Reda’s fight with Nemo is probably the highlight of this episode as it is not just a battle of skills and wits, but of two opposing ideals. While Reda begins to question her allegiance, she remains steadfast in being a member of Physis, mirroring Nemo’s conviction. However, this exchange finally reveals a shocking truth about Nemo’s identity, and one that would certainly affect the story going forward.

Meanwhile, Gareth continues to investigate the old library and discovers what we all suspect: a Physis base inside the school. His side of the story is also interesting, as he has to fight monsters with the help of Sophitia, the librarian. What her role in the entire grand scheme of things, however, remains to be seen at this point.

As for Faria and Shirley, the two finally face off against Amis. And as expected, it is a losing battle. The leader of the Physis is not just crazy and evil, but terribly strong and almost immortal. Fortunately, Faria has a secret plan, and it rests on an unlikely member of the Seven Knights.

Overall, episode 8 is full of action and some twists that will leave viewers wanting to know more. The fight scenes are great, but it is the various revelations that truly carries the episode.

Episode score: 8/10.

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