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Twists and revelation abound!

Episode 5 finally answers some of the mysteries surrounding our characters, particularly Shirley. But while the identity of Nemo’s predecessor Hero remains unknown, particularly because there is no record of him at all, Shirley’s secret is indeed surprising, but expected.

The episode begins with incidents of vampire attacks, and it is clear from the get-go who is being set up as a culprit; after all, Shirley is hinted to have a secret back in episode 4, so the revelation that she is a vampire is something we audiences are supposed to have already guessed. And as cliché as it may be, we find out that Shirley was only feeding off from one person: Ellen. Nevertheless, her backstory is truly saddening. And we get to know more about her character and motivations, as well as how powerful she can be.

But who is the real culprit? Enter Mina, a side character we barely noticed until now, but one who acted way too suspiciously and obviously that when the reveal came, it is really not a shock anymore. What is surprising, however, is her own strength that enables her to fight two Heroes without much effort.

But despite that, our heroes still prevail, with a cost: Nemo is forced to break his own principle of not killing anyone, and dealt the final blow against Mina. This is a surprising twist, as most MCs tend to stay through to their principles no matter the cost. We can only imagine how this would affect Nemo, and whether or not he would stick to his rule.

In the end, everyone is safe, and Shirley grows a little closer with Nemo. But there are mysteries still need to be solved as the identity of Nemo’s hero remains unknown.

Episode score: 7.5/10.

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