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Suletta Mercury

After an emotional episode 6, episode 7 is a spine-chilling follow-up that sets the stage for a conflict that will once again change a lot of our favorite characters. It finally delivers on the show’s promise seen and teased during the Prologue, and guarantees the audiences that, yes, this is very much a Gundam show.

Out of Despair

The last time we saw Suletta, she was not in a good place. Betrayed by her former fianceé, then abandoned by two of her most cherished people, it is going to be too much for our poor Mercurian.

This episode shows the effects of that; Suletta no longer eats and attends classes. She remains in her room and avoid social interactions—a clear sign of depression. And the thing is, this is similar to what Guel went through, though we can say that Guel has had it way worse due to the circumstances of his PTSD.

But unlike Guel, Suletta still has her own sense of self-preservation, and this is shown in a hilarious scene when she starts to pig out while no one is unawares until Chuchu arrives to witness the deed. Obviously, this leads to a nice and emotional talk between Suletta and Earth House.

Suletta Mercury
Suletta smiles again

And that’s really the difference between her and Guel. While Guel managed to overcome depression on his own, Suletta has had helped from her friends. In a way, she is still helpless, but it is also heartwarming to see Earth House saving her from spiraling into darkness. Suletta is a strong girl, but without a guiding light, she would have lost hope already.

Unfortunately, hope is what everyone will need, especially with what is happening on Earth.


Back in season 1, Miorine’s goal was initially to escape to Earth away from her father’s clutches. Of course, Suletta has drastically changed her mind, and Miorine realized that her world is Suletta. Thus, she will do anything just to give her a life free from Prospera’s chains.

Ironically, Earth is where she finds herself traveling to after breaking off from her former groom-to-be, and there is a sense of surreality in it as her decisions come full circle. And it is not a vacation trip either, as her mission is to negotiate peace between Space and Earth.

Despite the plot-driven focus of this part of the episode, there is some interesting tidbits of worldbuilding present here. Most notable is the implication that Earth is no longer defined by borders, evident when the representatives sent to talk with Miorine seems to have no country affiliations.

But this begs an important question: are Spacians the government? Or is there still a unified political body that controls Earth?

Whatever the case, it is obvious that Miorine is still inexperienced in politics no matter her intelligence and humanitarian goals. Moreover, she really has no influence yet considering that the election is still ongoing, and the representatives wouldn’t accept any agreements until she’s the President.

Miorine’s meeting with Earthian representatives

Still, that’s not to say they are not impressed, especially when Miorine brings the invention of Gund Arm Inc. on the table. And it’s really interesting that the head of the representatives is a doctor. Perhaps there is a way to have the two sides work together for the betterment of the entire human race.

Of course, this is Gundam; peace is never meant to last. In fact, Miorine’s arrival caused the flames of war to even grow. And we have a certain masked lady to thank for that.

The Beginning of Chaos

For the longest time since we saw Elnora in a mask after the tragic events of the Prologue, we knew she was an antagonist. It’s been heavily hinted throughout the season, particularly in her interactions with Miorine. And yet we didn’t know her real plan… Until this episode.

It’s a chilling moment as we slowly see the chaos unraveling. From the moment that Aerial’s Gund Bits come online to the activation of the data storm and the hacking of all artillery so that Elnora can instigate a conflict and blame it on the Earthians, interspersed with scenes of Belmeria and Feng Jun realizing what Elnora plans to do, is a masterful example of great cinematography in anime.

Elnora Samaya
Elnora begins her plan

But the most spine-crawling aspect of this is how Elnora proves to be a great tactician. This is not just her striking a blow against those who are tarnishing the ideals of Vanadis, this is also her way of securing Miorine’s victory for presidency of the Benerit Group while ruining the girl’s vision of peace.

Three birds in one stone.

Of course, this is all part of her grand goal: the Quiet Zero, whose exact specifications and purpose remain a complete mystery. However, it wouldn’t be long until we finally see it in full and all of Elnora’s schemes bear fruit—a result of a revenge plan 21 years in the making.


During all of this mess, we also get to see some of the plot threads introduced in the first season slowly unravel alongside Elnora’s plan.

One of that is Shaddiq’s involvement and connection with the Dawn of Fold.

Ever since the attack on Plant Quetta, we all expected for Guel to find out that Shaddiq planned the attack, especially when we consider how it will finally complete Guel’s character arc. But Shaddiq is a strategist, and there should really have been no way for anyone outside his closest circle to spill his secrets.

Unfortunately, even the best laid plans can be ruined by a simple accident. In this case, Shaddiq’s secret is revealed by none other than a person we least expected.

Sedo, the same kid tagging along with Seethia.

It is amazing how the simple rambling of someone who wants to change his lot in life can lead to one of the most pivotal moments of the story. While the scene further gives us insight into the inner workings of Grassley’s orphanage, it also paves the way for Guel to learn of Shaddiq’s crimes in a totally casual conversation.

Another notable twist in this episode is the revelation that Ochs Earth, the same company who bought Vanadis, is still very much active. And they are the ones supplying Earthian terrorists. Much like Elnora’s plan, the way it is revealed in drips until the truth fully gushes out is excellent storytelling.

Feng Jun
Feng Jun meets with Belmeria Winston

What truly sets this as an impactful twist, however, is the fact that Ochs Earth is funded by the same Spacians they are fighting, the Space Assembly League, who in turn wants the Benerit Group out of the picture for possessing too much power. It is complicated, and there various plot threads intersecting to form an interesting picture of the politics in the series. Nevertheless, it makes the show even more engaging.

Of course, nothing is ever easy, and Feng Jun is assassinated by Godoy, Elnora’s assistant. At this point, it seems that Elnora is nearing her victory, and no one would be able to stop her.

No one except her darling daughter, Suletta.


During the start of the episode, we see Martin being a reluctant “slave” to Secelia after accidentally spilling his involvement with Nika’s capture. And at first, it seems like a classic scene of a weak-willed character being dominated by someone with greater influence. Indeed, Secelia looks antagonistic toward him.

But this is Gundam. And in Gundam, most characters aren’t inherently evil. Even Secelia, in her own strange way, pushes Martin to grow as a character. This becomes a focal point later when he asks forgiveness from everyone for not even hearing Nika’s side of the story. And yet we really couldn’t blame him, as he simply did what needed to be done as House Leader.

And it is exactly what Suletta needs.

Martin Upmont
Martin being a “slave” to Secelia

We all know that eventually, Miorine’s former groom-to-be will come to save her. But ever since the last two episodes, Suletta has suffered greatly in the hands of her most cherished people. We see her sinking into depression, unable to enjoy life until her friends brought her back from the abyss. It certainly didn’t help that Eri pushed her away, leaving Suletta confused and lonely.

However, Martin’s actions help in making Suletta realize why Eri had to do the things she did, especially after the entire Earth House saw what is happening on Earth. And for the first time, we finally see Suletta beginning to have her own resolve that is not tied with what other people wants, but what she wants.

To save Miorine.

Suletta realizes her family’s plan


Full of twists and unexpected revelations, episode 7 marks the final half of the second season and the beginning of the grand conclusion. With everything that’s going on, the show is building toward an epic showdown between Suletta and her own family—a fight that could potentially end in tragedy.

Episode score: 9/10

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