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After the brutal end of episode 9 thanks to Prospera and Eri, episode 10 marks the start of the season’s third act and the series’s finale. Alliances are made, plans devised, and we finally got the reunion we’ve all been waiting for.

Final Duel

Much of this episode puts Suletta into the spotlight, and for good reason. After all, their enemies are none other than her own mother and her genetic sister; it is only natural that the story would spend time readying her for the inevitable showdown.

We know that Suletta has matured enough since her breakup with Miorine, but this episode fully shows the result of her journey up to this point while giving us insight on her previous self. This becomes clear when we realize that even her wish list is suggested by Prospera, but now that Suletta is free from her mother, she could finally do what she wants.

To be with Miorine and save her from the darkness she has fallen deeply into.

But first Suletta has to go through Guel. Oddly enough, Guel is initially cold toward her, though this is probably his way of testing Suletta’s resolve. We know that Guel still likes her, and yet he also knows that Suletta is the only one who could help Miorine.

Thus, it is no surprise that they would duel one last time for Miorine through an honest method: fencing. It may have come out of left field, and it is certainly a nice callback to the fight between Char and Amuro, but it does serve its purpose of proving that in this situation, Suletta has the skill and determination to fight for Miorine.

Guel Jeturk and Suletta Mercury
Guel and Suletta’s last duel

Argument can be made that Guel was never serious in the fight and simply wants Suletta to be with Miorine. But this just speaks much about his character, and this is his way of atoning for his transgressions toward her.

With that, we finally come to the much-awaited reunion of the two lovebirds.

Moving Forward Together

Miorine’s mental state has been falling rapidly over the last few episodes. And in this episode, she has fallen so deep that there seems to be no escape from this abyss.

We see it from the way she is presented here, huddling inside a blanket in a dark room with a messy hair, refusing even the smallest interaction. Even when Suletta visits her, all she has is the bitter memories of her mistakes, and it is heartbreaking to see a strong girl like her reduced to such a state.

However, Suletta has experienced almost the same thing in the same span of time. And yet she has accepted that her actions, whether right or wrong, can never be taken back. She has decided to move forward, even if she won’t gain anything.

It’s interesting how this scene parallels a similar moment back in season 1; when Elnora convinces Suletta to fight despite her terror. This time, though, Suletta is the one giving the encouragement, and for an even greater and nobler purpose.

The fact that Miorine finally stands up, opens the door, and takes Suletta’s hand is a testament on how much the Mercurian bumpkin means to her, and the scene itself is heartwarming and fulfilling for a lot of us who have been waiting for this moment.

Miorine and Suletta reunite

Taming The Monster

At this point, Eri is now virtually unstoppable. We see how she can destroy entire fleets using her data storm and Gundnodes, though it is also revealed that Quiet Zero is only 60% complete, and several important components have already been confiscated by the Benerit Group.

However, she is still a formidable Gundam, powerful enough to hijack any mobile suit. And this is the conundrum that our heroes initially face: how are they going to stop Eri?

The answer, obviously, lies with Suletta.

As the previous episode has revealed, there is a prototype Gundam that may be powerful enough to match Aerial in battle provided that the pilot is willing to pilot it: the Calibarn. Suletta, of course, has already expressed her willingness to use it. And perhaps she is the most logical choice because she is biologically Eri; she can resist the permet load.

But there is just one obstacle to overcome: in order to avoid getting overridden by Eri, Suletta has to reach score 5, a task that killed Eri in her childhood.

Gundam Calibarn
The Gundam Calibarn

It is interesting how we get another parallel as Suletta suits up to test the Calibarn. This time, it mirrors Elnora’s scene during the Prologue when she is trying to wake Lfrith. And at first, it would seem that Suletta wouldn’t make it considering how the Calibarn was presented as a ‘monster’.

However, Suletta is indeed Eri’s clone, perhaps even a better version of her. And this is proven when she finally overcomes Permet Score 5 and activates the Calibarn for the very first time.

The Beginning of the End

With all preparations complete, the only thing left to do is confront Elnora and Eri.

And Suletta does it in an epic way, piloting the Calibarn while blasting away at the Gundnodes to reach Eri. The scene, combined with the music, is truly spine-chilling; it is in this moment that Suletta proves that her skills are her own and not just because of Eri, and the way the two Gundams stare down each other is simply epic.

Ericht Samaya
Eri intercepts Suletta

Of course, complications would arise. While two sisters face off against each other, Guel has to deal with his own enemy: a vengeful Lauda piloting the Schwarzette to kill Miorine.


An emotional episode that sets up an action-packed finale, episode 10 gives what we’ve all been waiting for, and more. At this point, all plot threads are ready to be resolved, and that is needed is to see how Witch From Mercury would end.

Will it be in tragedy or in a happily ever after?

Episode score: 9/10

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