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Mahouka visitor arc’s third episode is a fast-paced and engaging adaptation. It begins with an excellent fight scene between Tatsuya and Yakumo, and ended once again with the shinobi’s victory, proving that Tatsuya still have much to learn. We also learn in great detail about spiritual beings, and what they actually are.

The tag team of Erika and Mikihiko against Lina and the Parasite is something I’ve been waiting for, and 8bit studios delivered just fine. We saw once again that Erika is a master swordsman of a high caliber, easily going toe-to-toe with Lina. And Mikihiko is no pushover against a vampire either. However, both of them are still no match against their opponents, and Tatsuya arrived just in time to save the day(again). Lina’s expression at being defeated by a high schooler is spot-on, though they removed the scene where she became a little depressed, and Sylvie had to cheer her up.

The fact that Tatsuya could not see past the Parade magic is shocking, as this proves once more that he isn not all-powerful. However, this is Tatsuya, and we know that not only he can destroy entire fleets, but his grasp on the technical side of magic is unparalleled.

The conversations with Mayumi and Jumonji, and later Maya, were on point, though the scenes with Maya is slightly altered to make it appear as if Tatsuya has some influence. In the novel, only Miyuki can directly contact the head of the Yotsuba clan since she is a candidate for succession. But in this episode, they changed it a little and gave the focus to Tatsuya.

Then we have another sweet moment between the two siblings as Tatsuya prepares for battle, and it is every bit as romantic, and uncomfortable to many, as it looks. Tatsuya’s promise to return is like what a lover would say, and so does Miyuki’s response and expression.

And finally we have the confrontation between two Strategic-class magicians. Lina’s disguise is shattered at last, and for the second time we saw fear and shock from the Stars’ High Commander. Though it ended on a cliffhanger, the tension is there as two powerful magicians face off for an epic fight!

Overall, this is just the beginning of several battles, and I can’t wait for next week. The episode is engaging and deserves an 8/10.

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