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Last week’s episode 12 gave focus on the Kuroba twins and their mission to investigate the New Breed Front, an organization dedicated to the supremacy of Magicians. It has elements from the Double Seven chapter, though the plot is still an original content.

Episode 13 picks up right where the previous one left off, and just like the first season’s finale, it focus on the overwhelming power Tatsuya possesses. There is no big and epic fight, however; instead, after taking down the terrorists in his usual badass way, we see Tatsuya casting Regrowth on a much larger scale.

What I personally liked about this scene is Tatsuya’s own doubt over his abilities. All throughout the arc, we see him plagued by hesitancy over his fights, especially during his confrontation against the Parasites. We never saw him acting confident, a stark control to his cold demeanor and slight arrogance in season 1. In this episode, we saw him struggling against a mere object, albeit a very big one.

But of course, this is Tatsuya we are talking about. And everything pays off when he finally realizes that he can do everything no matter how impossible it may seem because Miyuki will always be there for him.

The last parts of the episode is a big tease for the Double Seven chapter, though it remains to be seen if that mini-arc would be even adapted. After all, Minami’s introduction is already altered, and I can say it is for the better. This arc may be a filler, but it lets Minami interact more with the Shiba siblings instead of a sudden and abrupt appearance.

Overall, the final episode has once again displayed Tatsuya’s godlike magic. The fight scenes may not be that good, and it feels a little rushed, but it is a good way to end the season. Definitely an 8/10.

Visitor Arc may be over, but I still have one more review coming this Saturday covering the whole season. So stay tuned for that!

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