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Episode 6 is here, and we are given a light-hearted and sweet moment between our characters as they celebrate Valentine’s Day. But before we breakdown this episode, let us refresh ourselves of the previous one.

In last week’s episode, a shocking twist is revealed: Mia, one of Lina’s support officer, is actually one of the Parasites and infiltrates the school. Our brave heroes tried their best to repel it, but even the godlike Tatsuya could do no more than drive the Parasite away, ending in their disgraceful defeat.

Episode 6 then begins with another revelation. Sylvie, Lina’s assistant, is recalled from active duty for being a failure in the mission. There is a clear disappointment in Lina’s expression, and it is really sad to know that we won’t be seeing these two together for quite some time. Even more sadder is the fact that Lina will still continue her mission with a new team as ordered by a new character and her superior, Colonel Barons.

The anime removed two minor scenes here, one of which is related to Sylvie being pulled from the mission. The first one involved a meeting with the higher ups of the Department of Defense, where Lina gives a report of her progress. It is here that we would have seen how incompetent the officials are, and even implies to make Lina strip naked just to confirm that she is not infected by the Parasite. This is where Colonel Barons makes her first entrance to save Lina from further humiliation, unlike her introduction in the anime.

The second thing they removed was the other reason why Sylvia was recalled, and that is because she is under investigation for a possible connection with the Parasites. After all, she is the one in contact with Mia, and she could have been infected during that time.

We then switch to Tatsuya who is busy training for a new attack method that could hopefully harm the Parasite even if it has no host. And while he and Yakumo stills has doubts about how to achieve that feat, Miyuki’s supportive imouto mode activates once again and assures Tatsuya that no one can defeat him.

The next scenes after that are taken straight out of your usual romcom harem anime, with a lot of girls giving chocolate to Tatsuya. Mayumi’s revenge gift is so funny and sweet, and her witch-like laugh made me grin throughout the entire scene. Her playfulness shines here a lot, and we can see why she is one of the best girls and love interests for Tatsuya in the series.

Then we have a cute Tatsuya x Honoka moment as the girl gives him chocolate, and receives a return gift in turn. One change that they made here, and which I personally liked, is how Miyuki seems to be a little more supportive for Honoka. In the novel, it is her who chose the gift for Honoka, an accessory that can boost magic, and it is heavily implied that she hated being the one to do it. Moreover, Tatsuya’s gift was simply out of courtesy, rather than to return Honoka’s feelings.

While Tatsuya receives a lot of attention from various girls, there are other ships that got a little spotlight in here as well, included in minor scenes and a brief montage. We see Kanon and Isori being lovey-dovey together, as well as Mibu and Kirihara. In contrast, Erika never gives any chocolate, but chose to spend her time annoying Leo as usual, fitting her personally perfectly. Yoshida was never left out either, though he only receives a friendship chocolate from Mizuki.

Perhaps the highlight of this episode is the obligatory incest scene between the Shiba siblings. In an earlier scene, Miyuki denies that she will give Tatsuya a chocolate as they are siblings. But when they return home, Miyuki goes all-out in preparing a French-styled dinner with chocolate as the main ingredient, showing just how deep her feelings run for her brother. The scene itself is both sweet and uncomfortable, especially when she finally admits to herself that she wishes they are not siblings.

An end credits scene shows an irritable Lina returning to her apartment, and it is revealed that she has planned to give Tatsuya a chocolate, only to back out at the last moment due to her conflicting feelings. Her tsundere attitude is really cute here, and it is already obvious that she has fallen in love to Tatsuya despite her denial.

Episode 6 probably best fits as a Valentine’s Day episode, and for good reason. It is sweet, light-hearted, and funny all rolled into one. The scenes gave us insight on the various characters, especially those pining for Tatsuya’s affection. And I can’t wait how some of these feelings will affect the situation regarding the Parasite. Overall, a solid 8.5/10.

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