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This episode is somewhat hard to review because of its unusual pacing. Moreover, at least two important scenes were skipped, though I think will be added at a later episode.

The first three minutes were almost the same as the novel. It is a side story focusing on Marie, showing her interactions with Elizabeth and revealing her identity as the Superior Killer. However, what they adapted into the anime was merely a small part of the story. In the novel, it also showed an assassination attempt to Elizabeth. And it was also at that moment when Marie showed her real abilities.

Aside from that, there was another side story that was fully removed. This side story focused on Rook and how he got Liz, a powerful slime which can turn into armor. I would not say that removing it is bad, but I wished they could have kept it to add more depth into Rook’s character. Furthermore, they also skipped Rook’s training with Marie, which should explain his skills despite being.a low-level Master.

Now the next 18 minutes of the episode is somewhat good, though there is at least one altered scene, which is pretty minor in itself. The scene I’m talking about is when Rook and Ray are on their way to Franklin. In the novel, Ray was not aware of Hugo’s involvement in the attack. Also, Ray and Rook were joined by three other female newbies. But these were not present in the episode.

Overall, this is still a good episode despite some flaws. A 7,5/10 for me.


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