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This is a pretty good episode, though it is far from perfect. Most of the scenes were a faithful adaptation of the novels, but some of them has been rearranged. In the novel, Marie’s backstory was part of Elizabeth’s scenes. But here, they separated the two. However, I found the anime version a bit better because it mirrors Veldorbell’s own backstory.

The fight scenes were good and mostly true to its source, albeit a little bit lacking in urgency compared to its novel counterpart, especially the Marie vs Veldorbell fight.

Minor nitpick: they completely removed three characters from the anime. In the novel, Ray and Rook were joined by 3 female players who helped defend Rook while he fought Hugo. They were supposed to be behind Ray en route to Hugo, but they were absent in the anime.

Nevertheless, this is still a good episode. A 7.5/10 for me.

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