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And thus, the real history is revealed!

Episode 11 gives us several shocking discoveries and twists. Accidentally maxing out the Taboo skill lets Kumoko learn about how the world works, and the real reason why it behaves like a game. Of course, not everything is shown, and even Kumoko’s Parallel Minds are overworked trying to understand the massive information that was dumped into them.

But from the brief glimpses that we saw, it is clear that the world has a long and bloody history involving gods and dragons. One thing is for sure though; an even greater threat awaits.

Meanwhile, Shun has finally learned what really happened to his brother thanks to Hyrince, who barely survived the war. And from what he has revealed, Julius and his party never stood a chance against the beautiful but terrifying 10th Commander of the demon army. Is she the threat that Kumoko has seen?

Nevertheless, our dear spider needs to get stronger. And what better way to do that than defeat and kill her most dangerous foe yet: the Earth Dragon, Araba.

Overall, episode 11 is less about the action scenes and more about the twists and revelations of the plot. Now things are heading toward another great showdown, and it should be exciting to see how Kumoko would prevail once more.

Episode score: 8.5/10.

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