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Who knew that a spider can be so cute?

Episode 1 sets off immediately with our eight-legged protagonist being thrust in a cave full of hidden dangers, and the ensuing hilarity of her trying to survive everything from starvation to hungry monsters. Aoi Yuki, who voiced the titular character, excellently portrayed the wisecracking spider to great effect, and you could not really help but bust a laugh every time Spder-chan(let’s call her that for now) encounters a strange mechanic in the world or a strong monster.

What made this episode an instant hit is not just the humor, but how weak Spider-chan is from the very beginning. While it is a staple of most isekai series to have the main character getting stronger right from the start, the anime subtly subverts that trope by presenting Spider-chan in a world where the food chain has an impact(at least for monsters), and that the efficiency of a skill depends on the strength of the user. Of course, that didn’t mean she is helpless, as Spider-chan uses her wits and guts to overcome the various obstacles thrown her way.

As far as an isekai series goes, this anime has an interesting plot thread to follow; Spider-chan is not alone in getting transported, and it will be interesting to see just how her friends would react upon reuniting with her.

When it comes to animation, Millepensee did a fine job in the production. Character designs are beautiful and crisp, and the 3D CGI didn’t feel out of place and awkward. Moreover, Spider-chan’s funny expressions are done very well, and the fight scenes, while short and brief, are not dull and boring.

The opening and ending songs has an upbeat vibe that perfectly reflects the light-hearted tone of the anime, especially when the latter is sung by Aoi Yuki herself, and in character to boot!

To sum it up, I’m A Spider, So What? Is off to a great start with its pilot episode having lots of funny moments and an interesting take on the isekai genre. Definitely a 9/10. If you hate spiders in general, then this anime might just make you love them!

Even if only a little.

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