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THIS IS ONE HELL OF A PERFECTLY EXECUTED EPISODE! The fight scenes are vastly superior in choreography compared to the previous episodes, the voice-acting is top-notch, the soundtrack is engaging and complimented the scenes very well, and the animation is simply godly.

THIS IS PERFECTION. Forget about Saber vs Hercules. Forget about the upcoming Shirou vs Berserker. This is Fate fight scene AT ITS BEST.

The main highlights of this episode were Leonidas and Ushiwakamaru. Here we finally saw why these two were indeed Heroic Spirits, and they did it with a bang. Leonidas’ resolve born from being the legendary Spartan king who led just 300 warriors against Persia’s hundreds of thousands of troops was beautifully portrayed here; I almost shed a few tears due to the emotions churning inside me after seeing the Spartans all lined up behind him. Even more so when Leonidas proudly boasted of his heritage while activating his Noble Phantasm.

Ushi’s fight, on the other hand, was both emotional and epic. Her final stand was simply too sad to watch, though her fluid fight scenes were a perfect balance to the emotional parts.


Overall, a perfect 10/10.

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