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This is a perfectly balanced episode. We got the necessary exposition to exolain the things that was left out due to Cloverworks skipping the first six Singularities in a form of a brief flashback, which is a good move by the director.

We also got excellent foreshadowing, character interactions, and the usual well-choreographed fight scenes. Merlin, and Leonidas to a lesser extent, are the spotlight of this episode. I really had fun seeing the two “Big Bros” interact with everyone else, and Merlin’s conversation with Ana provided great insight to both of their characters, especially their motivations.

The fight scenes are good. We finally see Ushi, Benkei, and Leonidas in action this time. They are, however, more of typical brawl found in most anime since they are fighting monsters this time, unlike the previous episodes when they fought people.

Overall, an 8.5/10 for me.

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